Dr Gorgas understands how the body works and how to heal it drug free

After years of being in medical hell, I finally narrowed my search for help.  My husband was exhibiting signs of thyroid issues- so I looked for a Doctor which did not use drugs to treat!  I found a gold mine!!!!

We found Dr. Gorgas in Oceanside !!!  I didn’t believe this type of doctoring still existed.  He asks questions, listens to the responses, gets information from history as well as new science / bloodwork for his diagnosis.

Dr Gorgas has called John on a number of occasions just to check how he was doing after a treatment.  There are discussions and explanations in plain English (or Spanish as the good Dr is bilingual) not confusing doctoreeze.  We know what is going to happen before it happens.  I have had the privilege of watching Dr Gorgas first hand work with a number patients.

The care, expertise of treatments and incredible results were plainly evident.  This doctor understands how a body works and works with his patients to heal – all feeling great and DRUG FREE!!!   If you want to feel better, come see Dr Gorgas.  !!!!



Partnership between patient and Doctor explained by Suzy

If you are reading this , then you can stop your search. You have found much more than just a thyroid specialist. You have found a HEALER, through and through. In an effort to keep this review of my experiences at Dr. Gorgas’ office shorter than a novel, I’ll be brief. But please feel free to personally reach out to me if you still are not convinced.

I went into his office a complete wreck. I found him seeking a thyroid specialist who could actually give me a solution to the very large, ever growing nodules on my thyroid. In the midst of dealing with that, I was a new mom who had just got done breastfeeding for 20 months, dealing with tremendous amounts of anxiety and fear because of false information given by all the doctors and specialists I was seeing, suffering from digestive issues, back pain, leaky gut, hormonal issues with my cycle all over the place (and sometimes not even showing up), and blood sugar fluctuations that were driving me nuts. All I was getting from my endocrinologists was head scratching and just things like, “There is nothing wrong with your hormone production and you don’t have Hashimoto’s, so we will just monitor its growth. When it gets too big or starts blocking your esophagus, we’ll just take it out! It will be a simple and easy procedure.” WHAT?! How can there be nothing wrong when I am completely miserable and this nodule keeps growing?!

I began researching healing thyroid nodules and started to find that there are doctors who practice something called Functional Medicine and achieve incredible results that actually HEAL PEOPLE. Through balancing the body with diet and supplements to assist the body with its own healing mechanisms, they REVERSE autoimmune symptoms and REDUCE nodules the size of fruit in people’s throats!! This made sense to me and this offered a solution that didn’t mask or just ‘get rid of’ a problem. After calling around, I was completely floored when Anna (who works magic running the office and managing the front desk) said my first consultation was FREE. Immediately I was a bit skeptical, but I couldn’t afford anything other than free at the moment so I went in to give it a try. From that first consultation, I knew I had found someone who actually cared about the human being in front of them and understood that our issues are tied in all three planes of the Body, Mind and Soul. He helped me understand how much of what I was doing was not right for my body and what I needed to do to change it. As my visits progressed, he addressed all three in the effort to make me understand what it was I was going through and how I needed to grow to overcome it. He told me how to change my diet and eating habits and thoroughly explained why I was feeling the way I was. The supplements he gave me are excellent quality and very affordable compared to alternatives out there. In 15 days of trying to get a grip of all he told me and doing everything he said to a tee, I began to see a major difference. Not only did I have proof that his diagnosis with 100% true but now I had the power to manage it!  By one month, a laundry list of things I was experiencing was completely gone and I could feel my hormones were balancing. It’s been just three months and I can feel an enormous reduction in the size of my thyroid! In the process of just the first couple of weeks, I haven’t missed a single period, my cycle has gotten regular, my digestive issues are gone, my mind is clearer, I am able to manage my blood sugar fluctuations gracefully, and a whole bunch of other things that I cannot even begin to list have vanished. For the first time in a very long time, I am beginning to feel whole.

As far as seeing him for chiropractic needs, you can move forward confidently knowing you are in the hands of a MASTER of their craft. The change I experience after leaving his office every time I go in for an adjustment is monumental, both in the sensations in my body and the clarity of my thoughts because my major issue is in my neck. You just need to come in to experience it…  

I know it’s scary and confusing to trust someone with your care, and I said in the beginning of this that I would keep this review short, but I want you to confidently give their office a call and see if he can help you as much as he helped me. And you don’t even have to be in Oceanside! He treats clients all over the country and internationally over the phone or through the internet!

Dr. Gorgas genuinely cares for every single person he treats equally. Spending a moment of quality time with everyone, talking and asking questions, checking in and following on their progress, asking about life and how things are going. He genuinely wants to help people recover from whatever it is they are experiencing because he understands that healing is possible and that life should be joyous. Like it says on the wall in this little office in Oceanside, “Expect a Miracle.”



How Dr. Gorgas Changed My Life

Dr. Michael Gorgas is my childhood friend. It never occurred to me to ask him for health advice since he lived in California and I lived in Florida.

But when we started talking about my brother’s cancer diagnosis, I expressed my desire to get my health checked but not by the conventional medical means. He suggested a blood test. He would read the results and recommend some lifestyle changes. I was agreeable and I am on week 6 of a miraculous shift in health.

In May I turned 60 and for years I suffered from indigestion. The last year I lived on Pepcid and Rolaids daily. Dr. Gorgas had me write down everything that I was eating for 5 days. Dairy was consistent. Starches were consistent. Chai Lattes were consistent. Wine was a constant.

All were contributing to high numbers in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

    My hair was thinning.

    My waistline was expanding.

    My skin tone was getting weak, grey and transparent.

    My sleeping habits were irregular.

    My sex drive needed a boost.

    I would walk into a room and forget why I went in.

    My heartburn was OUT OF CONTROL.

I thought this was all part of the aging process of a 60-year-old menopausal woman.

I didn’t like it but what could I do. I certainly couldn’t turn back the hands of time. Or could I?

“No, you don’t have to age like this, Maureen.” said Dr. Gorgas.

He told me what foods had to go, pretty much everything that I ate daily. More chicken, fish, green vegies, nuts, some meat, easy on the fruit and as much organic as possible. No wine for now. He sent me an abundant array of his supplements, Udi D, Liver Cleanse, Super B Plus, Glyco Plus and the Mega Biotic Plus. Once I started taking the supplements, I had no hunger.

This is my 6th week and I had to call him and ask “Is it possible that I am reversing the aging process?” I was incredulous! “Yes.” was his reply. I could hear his smile thru the phone.

    My hair was coming back.

    My skin color was a light shade of pink

    My clothes were getting loose.

    I slept thru the night.

    I was a tad friskier with my handsome YOUNGER husband.

    The best thing was that I was 6 weeks FREE of antacids!

I still forget what I walked into the room for, but we’re working on that with his MegaOmegas and his Memory Gain.

Each day that goes by, I feel younger and better, like I used to in my forties. I have no desire for thick pasty dairy foods anymore. This week I’m craving cucumbers!

I would rather spend my money for these services than turn myself over to any modern medical professional and the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Gorgas has an understanding of the workings of the human body and he works with its own system to bring it back to radiant health.

I am so grateful to call him my lifelong friend and I am so grateful that he is my primary healthcare provider.

Maureen Fannon
Wardrobe Stylist/Artist
Miami, Florida