How Dr. Gorgas Changed My Life
How Dr. Gorgas Changed My Life

How Dr. Gorgas Changed My Life

Dr. Michael Gorgas is my childhood friend. It never occurred to me to ask him for health advice since he lived in California and I lived in Florida.

But when we started talking about my brother’s cancer diagnosis, I expressed my desire to get my health checked but not by the conventional medical means. He suggested a blood test. He would read the results and recommend some lifestyle changes. I was agreeable and I am on week 6 of a miraculous shift in health.

In May I turned 60 and for years I suffered from indigestion. The last year I lived on Pepcid and Rolaids daily. Dr. Gorgas had me write down everything that I was eating for 5 days. Dairy was consistent. Starches were consistent. Chai Lattes were consistent. Wine was a constant.

All were contributing to high numbers in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

    My hair was thinning.

    My waistline was expanding.

    My skin tone was getting weak, grey and transparent.

    My sleeping habits were irregular.

    My sex drive needed a boost.

    I would walk into a room and forget why I went in.

    My heartburn was OUT OF CONTROL.

I thought this was all part of the aging process of a 60-year-old menopausal woman.

I didn’t like it but what could I do. I certainly couldn’t turn back the hands of time. Or could I?

“No, you don’t have to age like this, Maureen.” said Dr. Gorgas.

He told me what foods had to go, pretty much everything that I ate daily. More chicken, fish, green vegies, nuts, some meat, easy on the fruit and as much organic as possible. No wine for now. He sent me an abundant array of his supplements, Udi D, Liver Cleanse, Super B Plus, Glyco Plus and the Mega Biotic Plus. Once I started taking the supplements, I had no hunger.

This is my 6th week and I had to call him and ask “Is it possible that I am reversing the aging process?” I was incredulous! “Yes.” was his reply. I could hear his smile thru the phone.

    My hair was coming back.

    My skin color was a light shade of pink

    My clothes were getting loose.

    I slept thru the night.

    I was a tad friskier with my handsome YOUNGER husband.

    The best thing was that I was 6 weeks FREE of antacids!

I still forget what I walked into the room for, but we’re working on that with his MegaOmegas and his Memory Gain.

Each day that goes by, I feel younger and better, like I used to in my forties. I have no desire for thick pasty dairy foods anymore. This week I’m craving cucumbers!

I would rather spend my money for these services than turn myself over to any modern medical professional and the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Gorgas has an understanding of the workings of the human body and he works with its own system to bring it back to radiant health.

I am so grateful to call him my lifelong friend and I am so grateful that he is my primary healthcare provider.

Maureen Fannon
Wardrobe Stylist/Artist
Miami, Florida