Dr Gorgas understands how the body works and how to heal it drug free

After years of being in medical hell, I finally narrowed my search for help.  My husband was exhibiting signs of thyroid issues- so I looked for a Doctor which did not use drugs to treat!  I found a gold mine!!!!

We found Dr. Gorgas in Oceanside !!!  I didn’t believe this type of doctoring still existed.  He asks questions, listens to the responses, gets information from history as well as new science / bloodwork for his diagnosis.

Dr Gorgas has called John on a number of occasions just to check how he was doing after a treatment.  There are discussions and explanations in plain English (or Spanish as the good Dr is bilingual) not confusing doctoreeze.  We know what is going to happen before it happens.  I have had the privilege of watching Dr Gorgas first hand work with a number patients.

The care, expertise of treatments and incredible results were plainly evident.  This doctor understands how a body works and works with his patients to heal – all feeling great and DRUG FREE!!!   If you want to feel better, come see Dr Gorgas.  !!!!