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Meet Dr. Gorgas

Meet Dr. Gorgas

About Dr. Michael Gorgas, DC

San Diego Thyroid Sufferer’s Can Breath A Sigh Of Relief Because Somebody FINALLY Gets It

Dr. Michael Gorgas, D.C., has been practicing in San Diego since 1983.  After receiving his undergraduate training from his hometown of Miami, Florida, he moved to Portland, Oregon where he completed his Chiropractic Doctorate program at Western States Chiropractic College. In addition to six years of college, he has studied functional neurology and functional medicine from some of the best instructors in the world.

Dr. Gorgas holds current licenses in California, Hawaii and Florida.  During his practice in Oregon, he directed research projects that led him to write and publish the book Inversion for Health and Fitness.

Dr. Gorgas has a complete approach to helping patients with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. Most of his patients have already received all that they could out of the traditional medical treatment approach for thyroid disorders. In medicine, after a patients TSH is normalized with thyroid hormones, the patient is considered ‘managed.’ When symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, and inability to lose weight remain, then the patient has those symptoms medicated.

Dr. Gorgas realizes that a normal TSH does not mean that all is well inside the body. He uses specialized functional lab testing to further uncover the root causes of the problem, and works with his patients to support and normalize those dysfunctions. His approach is literally the difference between suffering for a lifetime and living with zeal and zest.

He has written a special report that outlines the steps necessary to support and manage successfully a hypothyroid patient. You can have a copy emailed to you for free by filling out the form to the right.